Evoke. By Design.
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Hi. I’m Rose.

With a bent for facilitation, communication and process design, I work to co-create collaborative, innovative and transformational experiences – somatic and visual. I believe that solving the complex challenges we currently face will involve cross-sector collaboration and creativity, a willingness to show up in new ways, and a willingness to be changed in the process.

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I help design processes and experiences that enable authentic connections and novel constellations, and provoke inner transformations. I create spaces that allow people to locate themselves within the systems they wish to change and I design methodologies that encourage them to begin to effect change.


graphic facilitation.

We all process information differently. Some of us process internally before speaking it out into the world and some of us process as we speak. Some of us prefer to listen to ideas and some of us prefer to see ideas. I do ideas. That is – I create a tangible, visible representation of both what I hear and what I see.