I help design processes and experiences that enable authentic connections and novel constellations, and provoke inner transformations. Drawing on participatory practices such as Art of Hosting and Theory U, and change methodology such as Systems and Design Thinking, I create spaces that allow people to locate themselves within the systems they wish to change and I design methodologies that encourage them to begin to effect change.

I have a background in community development, systems change and complexity. I have facilitated diverse groups of stakeholders through social labs processes, participatory practice trainings, retreats and conferences on topics such as immigration, community economic development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Drawing heavily on Design and Systems Thinking, Complexity Science and Social Lab processes, my recent work has focused on helping diverse groups of people address complex challenges by establishing a shared vision, scoping a meaningful portion of that vision on which to work, better understanding the systems within which the challenge exists and those most impacted by the current state of affairs, ideating creative solutions, developing prototypes, generating user feedback and iterating based on their learning. I have worked with different teams on economic immigration, literacy, housing for adults with intellectual challenges, food security, education, policy development and more.

I believe that in order to effect change in the world, we must first accept that we may need to change ourselves – our outlooks, our assumptions, our ways of doing. I use reflective practice, visual and somatic experiences and creative conversations to break people of their established lenses and routines so that they can begin to see the world anew. This constitutes a central aspect to my approach to transformative change work.